About Us

Matching technological capability to customer needs


Our Vision:

Building a sustainable future together by maximizing consumers’ awareness of energy efficient insulation, energy savings, and green building technologies.



In most countries, over 30% of energy consumption is consumed in residential and commercial buildings, using over 65% of all electricity. Due to this high energy usage, buildings are a major source of pollution, reducing urban air quality and adding pollutants which contribute to climate change. Energy consumption in buildings accounts for 49% of sulfur dioxide emissions, 25% of nitrous oxide emissions, and 10% of particulate emissions.

Understanding how heat is transferred – how a building’s heat is gained and lost, is essential in making the right insulation choice.

The more we understand about how heat flows, the better the choices we can make, choices that affect our environment, energy bills, comfort level and our future existence.


Our mission:

At Polynum™, we recognize the need to provide our customers with accurate information about insulation products. These products may be not be visible, but are an essential aspect of all buildings and structures. The Polynum™ team’s expertise allows us to deliver a true and accurate reflection of insulation requirements based on a range of factors including climate, zone, structure, and standards.


Manufacturing facilities

The Polynum™/ C.L.P Insulation combined plant employs over 90 workers, producing both high quality film and state-of-the-art reflective insulation products. Maintaining a high level of quality control on both manufacturing processes and product quality, the Polynum™ product line is exported to more than 30 countries worldwide.


Our Commitment

We are committed to providing:

  • Outstanding technology and knowhow that answer customer production and quality requirements.
  • Flexible design and production facilities that enable us to meet changing market demands.
  • And –above all – superior customer service.



C.L.P products are manufactured under ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14000, ISO 22000, BRC and HACCP regulations and comply with most international construction codes. Polynum™™ has a range of laboratory reports and certificates, including GBRC, IL, UL, ASTM, M1, BS, DIN, SGS,PSB, TUV and extensive other certifications and reports.


Research & Development

Our R&D department is constantly working to further improve Polynum™™’s products. We also work with customers around the world, both to develop innovative solutions for specialized requirements and to provide technical support.


Ownership and history

Founded in 1972, Polynum™ C.L.P Insulation Ltd is owned by C.L.P Industries Ltd, a part of the Tadbik group, Israel’s leading provider of labeling and packaging solutions. Over the past three decades, Polynum™’s researchers have been working together with professionals from the construction industry to develop products well-suited to the growing demand and requirements for insulation. The Polynum™ line of insulation products is designed to provide a solution for a wide range of insulation needs, including residential, livestock sheds, and commercial structures.