In most countries, over 30% of energy consumption is consumed in residential and commercial buildings, using over 65% of all electricity. Due to this high energy usage, buildings are a major source of pollution, reducing urban air quality and adding pollutants which contribute to climate change. Energy consumption in buildings accounts for 49% of sulfur dioxide emissions, 25% of nitrous oxide emissions, and 10% of particulate emissions. The selection of proper insulation has a significant effect on a building’s energy consumption. Think of insulation as a dress. The dress is selected individually – a specific size, and shape, for a specific climate or weather conditions, and for a unique purpose or event. Just like dresses vary, so do buildings (location, climate, design, size, purpose). Insulation must be selected per building, per project, per purpose, climate, or location.



For the last three decades, Polynum’s researchers have been working together with industry experts to develop the finest reflective insulation products to suit today’s construction requirements and standards. Our seven insulation product lines are designed to provide a complete insulation solution for most applications. Residential, livestock shed, or commercial structures, Polynum™ offers a reliable and friendly insulation solution.

At Polynum our products are carefully engineered, tested and manufactured with a glue\chemical free process, using recycled inputs, to comply with the following principles:




  • Superior performance: utilizing the finest aluminum foil, at the proper thickness and purity
  • Long life: with our unique anti-corrosion treatment, proven production technology, and suitable raw materials, we can ensure durability. Our products come with a 7 to 15 year manufacturer’s warranty (dependent on the product), but will last for life.
  • Fire safe: Flame Retardant – complies with international fire standards
  • Green products: Ecospecifier certified environmentally friendly, low embedded energy, reduced transportation and handling cost.
  • Easy and safe to apply: non-itchy, no gloves or protective masks are needed


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