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Polynum™ CBF – Concrete Barrier Foil: Fiber-Free, 8.00mm concrete insulation consists of heavy duty bubbles-foil-bubbles structure to sustain the concrete weight. Providing excellent thermal and acoustic performances which easy to handle and install.
– Fire retardant formulated


Polynum™ Concrete Barrier Foil or Polynum™ CBF is a reflective foil insulation product designed specifically for under poured concrete slabs with optional flame stop properties. Polynum™ CBF’s innovative bubble/foil/bubble layering system ensures that none of the reflective foil is in direct contact with the curing concrete. The foil is in the middle of the product keeping a small airspace between the outside layers of bubbles. This is different than standard reflective foil insulation where the product design is foil/bubble/foil.


– Easier to handle and install.
– Easier to cut, especially around plumbing and other piping.
– Easier to walk on, superior bubble strength withstands jobsite traffic.
– Does not break or crack


Polynum™ CBF: maximum insulation in minimum thickness! This is an Ideal solution for concrete floors.



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