Livestock buildings require special attention. Aside from animal comfort (heat stress), insulation has a direct effect on farm yield, profitability and return on investment.

Polynum™ products for livestock are washable, corrosion free and are designed to block 97% of incoming radiation heat making them extremely effective in minimizing heat stress.

What is heat stress? When a live animal has difficulty in achieving the balance between body heat loss and body heat production. When humans are hot, we lose our appetite, our need for water increases and our normal ability to function decreases.

Heat stress has the following effect on animals:

  • Increase in mortality rate.
  • Excessive energy is spent to maintain body temperature, resulting in loss of weight
  • Heat increases water intake and reduces overall production yield
  • Heat stress makes it harder to achieve food conversion target ratios
  • Heat stress affects the carcass quality of broilers and pigs
  • It affects back fat thickness of pigs
  • It affects the productivity of laying hens

In hot climates and in the summer, the majority of heat is transferred through building envelopes in the form of RadiationHeat. Correct design, including the selection of suitable insulation reduces energy spending and makes buildings far more comfortable.

Example of Polynum™ for livestock:






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