Why Polynum

Because it works! For more than 30 years Polynum™ reflective insulation brings comfort to people around the world.

In the most countries, buildings use one third of all energy consumed and two thirds of all electricity. Due to the high energy usage, buildings are major source for pollution affecting urban air quality and pollutants that contribute to climate change (global warming). Building energy usage accounts for 49 percent of sulfur dioxide emissions, 25 percent of nitrous oxide emissions, and 10 percent of particulate emissions.

Correct insulation is one of the more effective ways to reduce or cut to minimum air condition usage and yet achieve adequate level of comfort. It other words, using proper insulation such as Polynum™ allows us to reduce energy consumption, save money, and help to fight urban heating and global warming. Reducing air condition running time means reduction of carbon footprint, per individual!

Use Polynum™ to reduce your carbon foot print!

Polynum™ products don’t carry any health risk!

Polynum™ products providing excellent insulation solution where: “Size Does Not Matter”. It’s the performances!

Polynum™ products are easy to handle, easy to install, fast and efficient!

Polynum™ products contribute to the environment. As being green and sustainable products, passively helping to conserve energy and minimizing carbon footprints!

Polynum™ products are safe products, complying with large number of international insulation fire requirements!

Polynum™ products are durable. Polynum™ products come with 7 to 15 years manufacture warranty, yet they last for life!


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