Green product

Environment and sustainability: Polynum™ is green product!

Eco Specifier Accredited
Polynum™ products have been independently assessed by Eco Specifier and granted with the Eco Specifier Assessment Certificate. The certification means that Polynum™ products comply with the requirement listed on In addition, a GreenRate Green Building Pre-Assessment has been conducted and found that Polynum™ product can contribute to the achievement of Green Building rating tool credits in numerous Green Building programs.

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  • Lower Energy Use
    Polynum™ plays crucial role within roof, wall and floor systems (building fabric) that significantly reduces heat gain and heat loss in buildings. Polynum™ high thermal performance against heat flow means that it has a substantial impact on the use of energy used by buildings for mechanical cooling and heating.
  • Fast Embodied Energy Pay Back
  • Fast pays back Polynum™ embodied energy (energy consumed in the manufacturing and distribution process). Polynum™ is one of the quickest products to recover its embodied energy
  • Safe product
  • Fiber free, non itchy and non concourse. It reduces building impact on human health (health and environment). No health risk associated (compare with some of the available bulk insulation products), therefore, it contributes to the society well-being.
  • Reduce handling cost:
    Polynum™ reduces cost of operation, cost of transportation, cost of handling and wastage.

Effective insulation solution, helping all of us to deliver better and greener future!