Transportation, storage and handling

Polynum™ products are thin and light. For a truck of bulk insulation, you will require only ¼ or less space for Polynum™.

  • Polynum™ cuts transportation costs = reduce energy spending and CO2 emission = helps to fight global warming!
  • Polynum™ cuts storage space. Saves on handling (loading and un-loading), save on site’s storage!
  • Polynum™ cuts overhead costs and provides effective solution for today’s competitive markets!

With 30 years of proven installation record, and more than 60 million m2 of insulation sold world-wide, Polynum™ products are durable…

We believe that Polynum™ insulation is your silence energy saver partner for life. It is easy to say, but hard to deliver! To make sure that our customers do get what we promise Polynum™ re manufactured using only tested and accredited quality materials.

  • Polynum™ insulation is produced with thick aluminum foil (8 to 18 microns, compare to 6 and 7 microns used by most producers). This guarantees sustainability, durability and top performances under various conditions.
  • We understand that insulation may be exposed to various tough conditions, which can promote corrosion (humidity, acidity, fume, and so forth). To reduce corrosion risk (which will affect any reflective product’s performances) we have introduced a winning anti-corrosion formula applied onto our aluminum foil surface.
  • To ensure your long terms satisfaction level we produce our insulation products in a glue-free process. Our bubbles formation and lamination process occur at the same time, using 200°C to 250°C heating process. Such production practice is proven to be very effective for reflective insulation durability, minimizing possibilities for delaminating due to buildings and environmental conditions.
  • To our customers who may wish to get extra strong products, we provide an option to add reinforced netting. Such option is valid for all our products, worldwide.
  • When using Polynum™ thermal reflective insulation you can ensure long term performances, and peace of mind. Don’t risk your potential saving, use Polynum™.